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7 Ways for Couples to Engage during the COVID19 Quarantine

7 Ways for Couples to Engage during the COVID19 Quarantine

By Rena A. Washington

If you’re sitting in the house going stir crazy you are not alone! We’ve talked to a few of our friends to see how they’re handling spending so much time together.

Some are having a blast and doing things they haven’t able to do in a long time, and some are just downright bored out of their minds!

While social distancing is necessary right now, it definitely hasn’t been easy for those of us who are usually social butterflies to pass the time.

The hubs and I put together some ideas to keep you from strangling each other during the quarantine.

  • A candle light dessert for 2 is a nice idea! You have to share the desert, feed each other while listening to a playlist of your favorite songs. Take this time to go down memory lane (good memories). Tell your spouse….

1)When you’ve had the most fun with them

2)your favorite vacation taken together

3)the most intimate night of your relationship that you’ll never forget

4)how you want to spend your upcoming vacation when the quarantine is over and things get back to normal.

  • A late night stroll after dinner. Have some fun just strolling the neighborhood. Walk, skip, race to the stop sign, draw hopscotch and play in the street. It’s just nice to get out and get some fresh air.

  • New Recipe night! This, you have to plan ahead of time to make sure you have all the ingredients you need. The point is to work together preparing something that neither of you have prepared before, It should be fun! Make sure you have a back up plan just in case things don’t work out right! LOL

  • Night under the stars. You, Me, Tiki torches, and our favorite snacks. You can even bring the laptop out and make a Tik Tok or watch your favorite comedian and laugh the night away

  • Game Night! We want old school games like Hesitation and Truth or Dare and Wrist Slap. Pick at least 4 games and enjoy having a good time! You can even make this a family night.

  • 3 hour Movie night with all the bells and whistles. You need popcorn, nachos, box candy, pillows, blankets, and a big 22oz cup of whatever you drink. And make sure you pee before we get started because I don’t want you asking me nothing about what happened!!!

  • Lunch in the park- If you can go to the park. With our busy schedules we rarely get the time to go to the park or just relax by the water. This is a perfect time to do it! Fish, feed the ducks, skip rocks on the pond, push each other on the swings.

It’s funny how we complain about needing time off work and wanting to just relax and have time to enjoy being at home… well here it is! We can all use this time to rekindle flames or add a few more logs to the fire in our marriages. I hope this helps, Have fun with it!


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