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Chefs cook, Painters paint, and Writers…. Well they Write!

What in the world are you waiting for?

As a life-time entrepreneur since graduating high school, I’ve been through training with some of the best Business gurus, made great money marketing products that I believe in, and ran a successful beauty salon for over 10 years.

In 2017 I decided to switch gears. You see, after all l had done and accomplished there was still an empty void I needed to fill.

My true passion in writing, which is my first love. I’m Not talking about just any kind of writing, but writing to inspire!

What better way to touch the world at large than to put your wisdom on paper for someone else to glean from and be motivated and inspired to live out their wildest dreams!

So Many thoughts and questions and even fear flooded my mind.

How was I supposed to just up and change careers?

(Faith and Belief that God's plan would be successful!)

Did I have enough money saved up to stop working full time?

(Nope didn't think so, but I have been better than Blessed!)

What was my husband going to say?

(Babe, If that's what you want to do. I got it!)

How would this affect my family and our schedules?

(We're more likely to be on time! lol)

Was I really ready to give up the solid foundation that I had built with my career.

(I was fearful, and I felt like I would miss the fellowship and intimate talks. I know now that there are more people I need to touch and the journey has been absolutely amazing!)

For about 3 years I had been trying to figure out how I was going to get out of the salon and because I'm such an easy going person I guess my clients didn’t believe that I was ever going to quit.

Lol you gotta love them for their support and commitment to you.

However, There are some clients that you build really close relationships with and it’s never easy to let them go-- so you don’t lol you just find a way to be there for them, as they always have been for you.

Overtime I continued to feel the pull, knowing that it was time to do something different.

God has a way of putting you into positions where you eventually don’t have a choice but to follow his lead…. Or struggle.

So in 2018 I got started with writing my first inspirational work. What a major success.

I am so blessed by the reviews and responses, which really let me know that sometimes even when you think your wisdom or thoughts are insignificant, God has a way of using your life's lessons to help someone else.

Here I am now, answering the call to Inspire, Motivate and Celebrate others!

What’s Holding you back?

What Creative Niche, Gift, or Talent are you supposed to be sharing with the world?

It Is unique.

It is Significant.

Only you can possess it and share it the way God intends.

Plan Prepare Produce!

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