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Dear Husband


You love to chastise me about not answering the phone on the first call or not hearing every text alert right away.

Today, because I have witnessed how the last 3 hours have played out with just the 2 of us being home, I thoroughly understand why this is an issue.

While you walk around with your phone in hand and answer every call and respond to every message right away (distracted) I am engaged in necessary activities to keep our home running smoothly and also complete the goals at hand.

While you have sat and attended to your phone calls I have cleaned the bathroom, stripped the bed and washed the linen, checked the mailbox, folded 2 loads of clothes, organized our shoes in the closet, and cooked your meal plated it and served you.

With that being said-

If I don’t answer the phone on the first ring or the first time when you call, forgive me.

I’m busy making our house a home.


I love you,

Your Mrs.

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