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That Ain't none of my Business👀

Listen...That ain't none of my business👀...

my favorite phrase for the start of #2021! lol

I’ve always been this way but sometimes you have to verbalize things so people can understand where you are mentally.

If I’m consumed with what everyone else has going on, I won’t be able to focus on all the exciting ventures that actually require my attention.

If I can’t focus I can’t move forward.

Sometimes being involved in too many things will stagnate your growth, and although you’re super busy

nothing's being accomplished.

So really ask yourself-

What is My business?

A two fold question of course, because my passion is to motivate you to live in purpose.

What should you be focusing on personally, and What is the actual Business Idea that will bring you wealth?

If you haven’t figured it out yet reflect on the parable in 2 Kings 4:1-7

The widow cried out to Elisha for help because she did't know how she was going to pay her debts. He asked her, ‘What can I do for you? Tell me, What do you have in your house?" She replied "Nothing, EXCEPT a jar of oil." To her it seemed that the oil was useless, but because of her intentions and her obedience to Instructions God multiplied that which she had and it became More Than Enough!

What's in Your House?

What's in your Hands?

There's No Good thing that God will with hold from us in this season as we walk upright and live with integrity, but if you’re not focused and intentional about your path you won't know what good thing you’re seeking after.

I Encourage you today to - Get busy Minding Ya Business !!

Inspire~ Motivate ~Celebrate And #Share the blog!



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