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The #CHASE is Real

In our youth we're just having fun. You like me, I like you, we hook up and hang out and possibly go our separate ways after realizing we don't have much in common. When it happens that you meet the person whose not only easy on the eyes, but conversation is good, life values seem similar, and you feel a connection, it's not so easy to part ways. This is a relationship that you will pursue.

He's intrigued by you now interested in taking things to the next level, to the point of wanting to claim you as his own. Since you don't make it easy, the Chase persists.

Most women are taught to let men be the aggressor. Most men are moved by sight and go after "what they want". In the beginning of a relationship, the "Chase is Real". A man will work long and hard pursuing the woman of his dreams. He takes you out, buys flowers, makes you laugh, writes poetry, buys gifts just because, and wants you to be with him everywhere he goes as he professes his love and affection to you. (Some times roles are reversed and women pursue men, but for the purpose of this post I'll use the male as the individual in pursuit.)

He's thrilled about the idea of having a woman by his side who is graceful, respected and of whom his family approves. She in return loves that he genuinely desires her and cares about her happiness and well being, and so she gives in.

They promise to love and honor each other until they part by death, but they forgot to discuss the changes that would take place during their life together.

The pressures of creating a life together to include: work schedules, paying bills, having children, sharing time with both families, and being involved in separate activities can sometimes cause you to lose sight of what should be first priority.

(This is when you have to be careful not to let someone else slip in and gain the attention of your good thing!) I don't want to draw this blog out too long, because this subject is very deep, as a matter of fact, stay tuned for pillow talk with the Washingtons because this is a topic of discussion. I just want to give you an example of how to keep things spicy! The Chase should never stop.

Disclaimer- All relationships are unique and this may not work for everyone.

Remember when you were dating and you wanted so badly to be together that you got off work early and rented a hotel room just to have some alone time for 4-5 hours? Unexpectedly recreate one of those moments every once in a while. I guarantee you if the love is real, the spark is still there with your spouse. No side chicks needed! On a Friday afternoon pick her up from work in your car and let her know the kids are taken care of and you would like her undivided attention for the evening. You should have everything taken care of even to the point of what she will wear the next day. Take her to a nice hotel where you have created a path of rose pedals from the door to the jacuzzi tub and room service is on the way with dinner after a relaxing calgon bath and maybe a light massage. Indulge in all the pleasures of your beloved. Fellas I guarantee you this kinda romance will get you your hearts desires for at least a month or 2 after, and trust me the fellas are gonna hear about it from their wives too. Ya'll drop me a line in the comments and lemme know how things work out.

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