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What's In It for You?

Remember when I said I was done in the salon? Well… I lied a little bit.

The pandemic surged, senior year commenced, the kitchen pantry began to look scarce with everyone being home, and a slow start learning how to begin a blogging career had all been a factor in why I had to take a step back and make some faster contributions to the household.

I felt like it was a setback, but it was actually a set up to come back stronger and better.

There are so many things that took place while I was away, but I’m grateful that I have a trade I can pick up anytime I need to. There’s a blessing in having worked in a career field for 20+ years.

The experience and seniority speaks volumes when you need it most, and I’m so thankful for that.

The fact that I love meeting new people and serving others with my talents adds a cherry on top- that’s what’s in it for me.

I’ve worked hard, built a solid business and clientele, made lots of money, and then I was reminded of my first love and propelled into the Purpose for my life.

Encouraging and Uplifting others by sharing “The Good News,” was fulfilling a void in me.

After 20 years in my career field, a degree in business, advancing to Instructing cosmetology and teaching business etiquette, I was unfulfilled.

In 2017 I decided to close my location and In 2018 I finished my first book. 2019 yielded my first published work and RenaSpeaks! The pandemic began in 2020 and I was able to sustain with book sales, blogging and affiliate marketing for a while but just enough to stay afloat.

In 2021 I realized that there were some things I wanted to be able to do that would require a little more and so I was blessed to have something to rely on. The saying “never put all your eggs in one basket,” came into play!

The hard part was that I didn’t want to stop the momentum with the Blog.

*Sometimes we have to make tough decisions regarding what’s best for ourselves and our families, but I’ve learned that a few pit stops doesn’t have to change the overall direction of your journey.

At the appointed time I was able to make the transition into my NEXT.

Throughout this time I’ve been building and adding pieces to my puzzle without even realizing it, and now I see how it all fits together to create a well rounded business and blogging career.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams and more importantly Live in Your Purpose and pursue your passions.

Know your why! What’s really in it for you?

If you’re ready to Move Into your next and you need some guidance click the image below for all of the necessary steps to turn your passion into your wealthy place!

Remember to Inspire~ Motivate~ Celebrate and SHARE the Blog with someone!



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