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Why You always smilin'?

I get this question more than a little bit. Why are you always smiling? They say, You “act” like nothing ever bothers you.

It makes me wonder if people want to see me sad,

or maybe they wanna learn how not to be.

Truth is sometimes when you’re the one that has to be strong, you can’t rely on anything but Your FAITH! So when I tell you “I don’t worry because I pray,” I’m not “acting” I’m being true to what I BELIEVE.

If you believe that affirmations, the law of attraction, and surrounding yourself with the people that have achieved what you’re working towards works in your favor, you’re right!

We’re spiritual beings created in the image AND LIKENESS of God, which means that YES, we have the power to change outcomes with our words.

Some of you have never really had to have Faith

for something because you’ve always had someone to bail you out, someone to listen, or someone to hold your hand through your situations.

Some of you, like myself, have to feed your spirit daily so that you never risk cracking under pressure.

I am Full of Faith because Faith works!

So to answer your question…

I smile because I don’t worry, and I don’t worry because I BELIEVE and TRUST that God’s got me.

He’s proven himself to me ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!

So don’t worry about seeing me defeated- because I won’t be!!

Now that you know how I do it everyday, I’ll encourage you to focus on BUILDING YOURSELF up!

As much as we love to help others, It’s impossible to pour

from an empty cup.

Balance your time wisely and always remember to include these 3 things:

  1. Prayer- because it can change the atmosphere

  2. Personal Development- because it can change you

  3. Planning- because it can change your tomorrow

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Download my planning cheat sheet below and keep it handy for reminders!

7 Strategies for Effective Planning

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