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Hi, I’m Rena!

This Is Me.

I like walks on the beach and sweet treats, reading & writing, adventures with family and friends, seeing new places and meeting new faces, music and poetry, guitars, fishing, bubble baths, rose gold, and fine art. I love LOVE and marriage and family, real relationships, and if we're having a personal conversation I'd rather talk than text. I love honesty, loyalty, and kind gestures. I also like to date myself!




Seriously though, with so many titles and so little time Its hard to sum up my character in a few paragraphs. I'll start with this, I'm a wife, mother of 3 sons, minister at my church, hairstylist, cosmetology instructor, and a mompreneur. I love God first. I'm active in ministry and I am devoted to supporting my husband and sons as they strive to accomplish their goals. In light of that statement I stay pretty busy most times. In all that I cannot stress how important it is that I don't lose myself in the thick of things. Enjoy this freestyle blog. Stay tuned and eventually, as I write you'll get to know me and hopefully find out more about YOU!


Inspire- Motivate- Celebrate

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