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Embracing The 2nd Half

Embracing the 2nd Half!

Still in our Renaissance Year, Still growing and shifting, Still executing our plans with grace and expectancy- the first half has come to an end.

What didn’t happen in your timing doesn’t mean it won’t happen, as the saying goes “blessings delayed doesn’t mean blessings denied!”

Everything that God promised will come to pass if you trust him, and don’t quit before the blessing manifests.

As for me, so many life changing occurrences have taken place in just a short amount of time, and I always love to share and possibly inspire you with ideas of how to navigate life’s unexpected plot twists.

This year I turned 40, and although I had plans of what I was going to do and how I planned to get it done, distractions come, and that’s why it’s important to Balance Well.

I started the year off with my spider planning diagram.

  • By now I should have been 30 pounds lighter,

  • secured a writing contract with a christian magazine,

  • paid off 2 credit card balances,

  • and published my next lifestyle manual (book).

However, things have gone a little differently, and though I haven't met every goal of the first half, I definitely have made strides towards completing them.

(1) I pitched to a few magazines, just so happens I’m on a waiting list to be reviewed by some and it’s not as fast a process as I thought but unexpectedly I had a chance to be featured in Voyage Atl. and that’s a great start to recognition!

Check out the article!

(2) I paid off one of my card balances and have started on the other, it’ll be done in the next few months.

(3) My book kinda took a back seat because we had an influx of requests to bring the food truck out, which paid some balances and opened other doors.

So you see, although my plan shifted a bit there’s always blessings in the pressing!

I am soooo excited about the 2nd half of this Renaissance year! Fired up and ready to dive into the next set of instructions.

I was somewhat quiet last month. My focus was on taking time to pray and commune with God, connect with my husband, and make plans of how we should go about the next few months and years of our lives.

Our oldest is returning to college, the 2nd born will be a college student/athlete in just a few short weeks, we’ll also have a junior in high school, and we’ve been helping out with the newest addition to the crew- affectionately known as Ms. Aminna.

We’re looking forward to a crazy busy schedule.

I’m not sure as of yet how we will balance it all, but I know we’re graced to do it.

God will never bring us to a place he won’t see us through.

I know we’ll finish this year strong with great change, progress, and innovation.


This year we celebrated 20 years of marriage! ❤

To have and to hold

For Better or Worse,

For Richer or Poorer,

In Sickness and Health,

To love and to Honor,

Till we check outta here…

We’ve committed to being loyal life partners, loving one another, caring for one another, catering to one another, supporting one another, growing and maturing together, displaying passion, compassion, and understanding for one another, comforting one another, keeping each other accountable, sacrificing for one another, challenging each other at times, forgiving one another, and going the distance it takes to REMAIN In Love, In Marriage, and In spiritual and physical Intimacy.

It’s not always easy but when it’s God ordained every moment is worth Remaining.

This year we did something a little different, not what some would call extravagant, but it was what we needed. A short road trip gave us time to talk, plan, and dream a little. 3 destinations, a fun night out in Augusta GA to act like we were teenagers, A romantic stay at Belamere suites to keep our fire burning bright, and a few days on the beach to relax, bask in the beauty of God’s creation, and live in the moments we are so blessed to enjoy.

Check out our quick review of the Belamere Suites, And use my referral code to book your stay! #8918662847164 🔽

Last but not least, I’ll end July’s blog with a recap of our TRH Retreat. We had a time in Asheville!!!

You just never know what God has up his sleeve, but if you trust him He will come through EVERY TIME!! We had an itinerary, but ummmm I never get in the way of God’s plan… and so the trip went a little like this… click here 🔽

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