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The Spiritual Havoc of Covid19

( tHiS cOuLd Be YoUr TeSt….. )

Relationship vs. Religion

Oh how I love you, let me count the ways.

I wake up and may not speak to you

until I’m half way through my day.

Oh how I need you, when I prayed you’ve proven yourself to be true.

But now that I have a stimulus check,

it’s all about me and my crew.

Oh how I long to be in your presence.

When the church doors are open I just can’t stay away.

Now that the doors of the building are closed….

I guess I’ll worship you someday.

Relationship or Religion?

I’ve asked this question time and again.

Could it be that you don’t truly know

what lies so deep within?

2 Timothy chapter 3 tells how this story could unfold.

All I can say is- In these times

Make sure YOUR ANCHOR holds.

If this is indeed a test of being tried and true,

Father God posture me

so that I keep my mind stayed on you.



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